How do you describe a lady who is willing to to any work, who is passionate, creative and leads by action? Meet Ratna Tai a Tribal lady living in Sanjay Gandhi National Park who is dedicated to her work and determined to set an examples to other tribal women alike. Defying all odds Ratna Tai and her husband work as a unit towards motivating the ladies to join Seva’s mission to empower and employ Tribal women. Working as a maid in buildings near the park, she also gives her time to the ongoing Tailoring Project of Seva by not only doing her part but also going above and beyond her work by teaching her friends various techniques. As the self-appointed leader of the tribal ladies she is a force to be reckoned with, but all this would be impossible without the support of her husband and family. Women like Ratna Tai are not only an inspiration to her tribal friends but also to every other women with a dream to succeed and do well in life. The spark in her eyes and the smile on her lips when she speaks about how Seva has helped her family by not only increasing their income but also teaching her a new skill is a different type of satisfaction that I would ever receive.

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