There are very few people in this world that have the power to influence you by not their words but their actions. A word that perfectly describes Amisha Parekh the Managing Trustee of Seva is ‘Passionate’. “A job where passion is absent is a job not worth doing”, and Amisha Ma’am is a torch bearer for this quote. The first time that I met her she had a very warm and welcoming smile on her face which made the first day of my internship memorable. The belief and confidence that she puts on me made me want to perform all the tasks given perfectly. She has a way with words, and skills to communicate her thoughts to the audience without them dozing off. The hardwork that she puts in for Seva has made it quite clear that she is a leader who knows the way. On the day of our field visit to Sanjay Gandhi National Park where she spoke to all the tribal ladies made me realise two things, the first being everyone needs to be motivated to do a good job, that everyone needs someone who believes in them. And the second being that instead of sympathizing we need to start empathizing. I call Amisha Ma’am the iron lady of Seva not because of her never give up attitude but because she is the BACKBONE of Seva and no one can replace her!

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