Be the Change


The Purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. We all know that health and sanitation is an important aspect of human life. To be healthy it is important that you are hygienic. To spread awareness on the importance of sanitation and hygiene among all the tribal communities, Seva Charitable Trust organised an event in Abhinav School, Borivali East and at our very own Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In this event we distributed Sanitary napkins and hand sanitizers among the children as well as the ladies present there. A talk to teach the importance of hygiene and its benefits to our health was given. The children were eager to learn and receive guidance from various independent and prominent women who were present at the event to support our cause.

Without the help and support of the public and our contributors this event would not have been possible. We would also personally like to thank Women Entrepreneurs Enclave and Reachout Foundation for their immense support and for making this even a huge success.

It is essential to remember that to bring about change, you have to be the change. To bring awareness among the masses, you have to speak! So remember even a small effort to bring about a change goes a long way in the eyes of people who need help.


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