ROAR: Save Tigers


How would we describe a tiger to our future generations? Would they be described as large orange cats that are over about 11 ft. in length and can weigh approx. 360 kgs? How would we describe the National Animal of India to children who have never seen one before due to their rapidly decreasing numbers? To be honest I myself have never actually seen a tiger in captivity or otherwise, even though I have been to Sanjay Gandhi National Park quite a few times.

We have often wondered as to what role do these tigers play in the ecosystem and why are they important? As the Environmental Studies book during our school days states, “The tigers play a pivotal role in the health and diversity of an ecosystem. It is a top predator which is at the apex of the food chain and keeps the population of wild ungulates such as horses, cattle, pigs, camels, deer in check, thereby maintaining the balance between prey herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed”. To save tigers means saving the ecosystem which would otherwise be destroyed by herbivore population explosion.

The tiger population is steadily growing and has risen to 2226 tigers from 1411 tigers in 2008. There are 48 reserves in India, which is now a home to about 70%of the worlds tiger population. It is important to remember that we claim to be the “most intelligent” species on the earth, and the smartest thing for all of us to do is to Save Tigers and all other animal species for a wonderful world.

On the day of International Tiger Day lets celebrate our National Animal and honour these apex predators with the respect they deserve. Seva Charitable Trust has been founded with the aim to spread awareness on the Tigers and to build a community that believes in ‘Saving Tigers’.

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