Changes Through My Eyes

The wilderness, the echo of nature, the sound that pleases our heart and soul, the bliss of the voices that have been heard, I see them here, I wish to see them everywhere

“For it is in giving that we receive”
-Saint Francis of Assisi

People have their own definitions of happiness, for some it might be their peers, for some it can be achieving what they’ve always dreamt of, it can be buying something, or travelling, it just varies. For me it would be finding contentment and peace after learning that my work has benefited someone, someone who really needed it.
I have always longed to volunteer for anything that holds an altruistic approach towards our earth and human kind. This would define happiness for me and it came to execution when I got the opportunity to work for SEVA ,a non profitable organisation which took this considerate initiative to help the tribal community and it’s underprivileged women, a community which needed to be uplifted the most, for whom we needed to break the stereotypes, propagate empowerment and equal opportunities for women.
Having been a content writer intern for a month now, I am Sumedha, a student, an enthusiast for writing and everything which endorses creativity and I would love to share my experiences while working for SEVA so they can be familiar with the generous steps that this organization has taken in order to help the humanity as well as conserve our nature at the same time. Tey started with the intention of igniting hope in humanity in everyone’s heart as everyone should know that no good deed goes wasted, it always helps, it always counts.
I would love to begin with the work I’ve been engaged in. We are a team consisting of several students belonging to different fields, from marketing and writing to designing.
While working for the social media team, whose sole purpose is to create a platform and amplify the voices of the tribal ladies of Sanjay Gandhi National Park amongst thousands of users, we learned how the organization earned by putting the products made by none other than the tribal community of SGNP via every platform available on internet. E-commerce, social media, LinkedIn and so much more. The profits earned would be given to the rightful people who put in all their hardwork in making these products. This has given them leverage, in working and self employement. Eventually this has paved a way for them, a way to self -dependency and sustainability especially for the women, as in many lower sectors of society women have undeniably been opressed to certain extent and deprived of opportunities.

We were familiarized with this massive concept itself that how these handmade products, not only provided employment to the underprivileged but also sustained and helped conserve our very much endangered wildlife/environment.
With reduction in plastic and industrial products and chemicals, these products proved to be eco friendly as they did not take much of forest resources and also reduced pollution, poaching and unnatural deaths in fauna which had taken place due to human activities.
Initially, these steps must have been considered miniscule, with no hope in bringing actual change but with time they did. Good things take time and they certainly bring changes. From a small initiative to a recognized organization , this is a live example which could justify that

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