A much needed awakening

Humans have always been extremely risk-averse, which is how we continue to survive even today. “Measure of intelligence is the ability to change”, we’ve all heard of it. But what exactly does it mean? To me, the concept is simple. To reflect on our actions, and what we, as individuals and citizens, can work upon to bring a difference. ‘

We have the power to bring change, We, as individuals, possess resources that the underprivileged do not then what is stopping us from effectuating it?

Change is when we wake up to the current global issues without leaving our problems to tomorrow. We are aware about the horrifying situation we have put ourselves in. Climate change, poverty, illiteracy, conflicts and wars, malnourishment and hunger are just to name a few. We’ve squandered decades of opportunities and continue to do so as the mindset “I haven’t done this so I shouldn’t be the one taking an action” still rules over most of us.

This is where it all goes wrong. We stop after our desires are fulfilled.

But the responsibility lies on all of us, including me. Hi, I am Inisha Sethia, a student and an intern at Seva Charitable Trust. The current global scenario and the ever- increasing issues were an eye opener for me. Although we may not be contributing to the problem, we certainly aren’t helping. The world of social media informs and introduces us to so many current issues. Social media certainly is one of my main sources of information. But spreading the word once in a while on our social handles is not enough. We need to step out there. There is so much we can all do.

I started with volunteering at a rescue and helping abandoned and injured dogs. I strongly stand against animal cruelty. I believe we need to be the voice of the voiceless. Later on, I got the incredible opportunity to intern at Seva. Their mission was extremely inspiring for me, helping the women of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, but also instilling a sense of empowerment and self sustenance in them while protecting the wildlife of the National Park. This was a wonderful opportunity for me, as I was not only able to help these strong empowered women, but also was able to learn a lot. Our team of interns was very supportive, and guided and helped each and every one of us. It instilled and taught us the importance of team work and effective communication.

I am glad I could be a part.


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