Your Own Resolution Ideas

First of all, SEVA wishes a very Happy New Year to you and hopes that you will have an amazing year ahead. We are grateful for your support and we assure you that SEVA’s vision will remain the same and we will continue to give you more value through our work. Finally, we are in 2021, and it’s time for you to make some new year’s resolutions. I am sure that you have already browsed lots of websites about the resolutions and they have suggested to you some common suggestions like being productive, being financially independent, being healthier and lots more. Believe me, I am not going to repeat all these resolution ideas. I admit that these resolutions are very important and quite productive but these suggestions are more self-centered. And this is not what SEVA stands for. SEVA believes in helping and empowering not only oneself but others also. Through this blog, we are sharing with you a list of some resolution ideas that will not only benefit you but also the people around you as well.

1) Contribute to a Social Cause

By contributing to a social cause it does not mean that we should start working in different NGOs. There are lots of ways to contribute and lots of options to contribute. It does not mean that we should go and start protesting for the rights of women and the underprivileged section of society. One can contribute in different ways. One can organize feeding programs for underprivileged children, can take part in weekly cleanliness drives, can teach underprivileged children of his area, even can spread awareness through his/her writings, one can even donate money or can donate blood. These are few examples of contributing to a cause. All you need to do is to decide and figure out in what ways you can contribute to a cause. Start volunteering to help others. Believe me, this will not only be beneficial for others but for you as well as it will give u a sense of fulfillment.

2) Plant At least one Seed

SEVA cannot stress it more. As you all know that Mother Earth has been suffering a lot due to the callous attitude of people.  Pollution, Industrialization and urbanization have been harming mother earth constantly. So, let’s start this year on a positive note. Let’s plant at least one seed and take care of it throughout the year. You can plant any flower like rose, marigolds, or any medicinal plant like aloe vera or tulsi. As you all know that plants have many advantages, these will purify the air around your home and add beauty to your home. Believe me, there is nothing more soothing than watching a plant grow.

3) Spend More time with Elders

Last year during the lockdown, we got so much time to spend with our family, and this year we should continue this habit. We should spend more time not only with our parents but with our grandparents also. Through this blog, SEVA wants to make the relationship between the two generations stronger. Start spending at least 30 minutes with your grandparents, talk to them, know about their daily routine, and start helping them with their issues like helping them to take their pensions from their respective bank accounts or helping them by reading their favourite books or teaching them to use smartphones. It is quite natural to feel lonely and neglected at this age and this year lets us pledge that we will not let this happen anymore.  

4) Minimalism

I am sure most of you are being aware of the idea of minimalism.  Minimalism is a lifestyle concept and it’s all about having the only things that we need in our lives. Society is divided between two groups, i.e., Rich and Poor (have and have not) and the gap between these two groups is increasing day by day. The rich group has way more than what they actually need and the poor group does not even have enough what they need. So, it’s high time that people should adopt the idea of being minimalist by possessing the only things that they actually need in their lives, and if they have much more than that they should share those with the ones who actually need that. Minimalism is a very broad concept and here I have tried to share the basic principle of this particular concept so that we can help others.  

5) Reading and Writing

Both of these habits are very helpful for your academics.  Apart from academics both of these habits have many advantages for you. For instance, by reading books, one can not only gain information and knowledge but reading books can help one to have different perspectives. These different perspectives can help one to be more conscious of the people and things happening around him. Writing is the best way to express yourself. Through writing one can express his/her inner thoughts and views. So, this year start reading a few books and writing. You can start writing by maintaining a diary and writing to it daily. Both of these habits will give u more perspective and ways to express yourself. 

6) Keep Learnin

Learning is a life-long process. Through his/her life one never stops learning. This year SEVA encourages you to learn more. Go and start learning, be it a new skill like graphic designing or digital marketing or be it a hobby (like painting or calligraphy), you want to learn for so long. Learning new things will give you a sense of satisfaction and through your learnings, you can help others.  

So, these are some new year resolution ideas brought to you by SEVA. For achieving the resolution like contributing to a social cause and planting seeds you can check out our website. SEVA has a range of eco-friendly products. You can simply buy these products and contribute to our goal of empowering tribal women. We promise that we will continue our work towards the upliftment of the environment and mother earth and, empowering tribal women. We thank you for your support and love that have always helped us to achieve our goals. Once again, we wish you a very happy new year. Let’s be more conscious of wildlife, mother earth, and the people around us. Adopt some of these resolutions and help us to make this earth a better living place. 

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  1. I read a new word in this article Minimalism Which I liked Thank you for telling me about this concept The purpose of seva is very good Continue it And I really like all these new resolutions of seva 👍


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