Cruelty to Animals

Conversation between two pet dogs: Bob and Ollie. They are in the Park on their evening walk.

Bob – What’s up buddy?

Ollie – Very Well, bro! Today I got my favorite dog biscuits for breakfast. But Why are you looking so stressed?

Bob – Don’t you know about what’s happening these days?

Ollie – What happened, bro?

Bob – Last night, my master was watching the news and I was there playing with the kids. Then I heard this news that the Police have arrested two people on the charge of animal cruelty. They were taking 21 buffaloes to the slaughterhouse.

Ollie – What are you saying? Again? This is the third or fourth case of animal cruelty this month.

Bob – Yeah, I know. I still remember the video that went viral. In that video, some boys were beating a Gangetic Dolphin to death. That was dreadful.

Ollie – Don’t remind me of that incident bro. I wasn’t able to sleep for some days.

Bob – I don’t understand what these human beings want from us? We have never harmed them? So why are these people keep harming us? Don’t these people have Heart?

Ollie – You Know what bro? I thought that these people will change after that Pregnant Elephant Case.

Bob – Oh my God! That was brutal. These so-called human beings killed that innocent pregnant elephant by tricking her. They gave her the fruit stuffed with crackers and she ate that fruit and died.

Ollie – These people call themselves human. To me they are inhuman. They are the real animals.

Bob – You are right bro. These people have been constantly hurting and exploiting our animal community. You know, my masters are animal rights activists. Both husband and wife are writing a report on the Cruelty to Animals these days. They keep discussing the cases of animal cruelty during dinner and breakfast. That’s how I came to know that human history is filled with numerous examples of Animal Cruelty.

Ollie – Really? What were they saying?

Bob – They started their report by introducing the term Animal Cruelty. They were saying that animal cruelty means abusing and exploiting animals. They were discussing that “Section 428 and 429 of the IPC provides for punishment of all acts of cruelty such as killing and poisoning of animals.”

Ollie – You know when I used to live on the street. A drunk man used to throw stones at me every night. He used to drink daily and throw stones at me. I was lucky that my master found me one day and she brought me here in this family.

Bob – Yeah. You are right. My masters were also telling the same things. They were talking about Hunting and Poaching.

Ollie – Yeah. In old times people used to go hunting. They used to hunt innocent animals just for the sake of fun. And when Government has banned hunting so these days have started practicing Poaching. Earlier they were killing us for the sake of fun but now they are killing innocent animals and selling their different body parts as leather and ivory for the sake of Profit.

Bob – Not only that, these people use innocent animals like us in Circus and their programs as a showpiece. They put animals in the cage and starve them so that they can perform those activities to entertain the audience.

Ollie – (crying) These people have constantly disturbed our animal community. Even during their festivals, they keep harming us. During Holi, they throw colors at us. Believe me, those colors are so harsh and irritating on my skin. I was feeling like I was going to die. During their Diwali, they used to burn those dangerous crackers. I swear, this Diwali I was breathless because of the smoke. And during Makar Sankranti and Independence days, they fly kites using those sharp manjha. Last year there was news on the channel that so many birds got killed by those sharp manjha.

Bob – My masters were talking about animal testing.

Ollie – What is this animal testing?

Bob – Whenever these people discover any medicine, vaccine, or makeup product, they test those products on innocent animals like rats before testing on human beings. That what we call Animal Testing. Often these medicines and vaccines have side effects that lead these animals to suffer terribly. Sometimes they even die from these reactions.

Ollie – Really? How cruel? (starts crying)

Bob – Yeah buddy. I heard my masters saying there are so many cultural practices that promote cruelty to animals like animal sacrifice. But thankfully Indian Constitution has declared such practices illegal. I heard them talking about Jallikattu (a traditional practice). The Supreme Court held Jallikattu as an act of cruelty to bulls.

Ollie – But still, these kinds of practices are prevailing in some parts of the nation.

Bob – Yeah. You are right my friend. Our honorable Government and Supreme Government has provided us with lots of laws and rights. They have also mention punishments for these bad people. But these people don’t have any respect even for the Honorable Government.

Ollie – I was wondering that why do these human beings treat us with so much cruelty and violence? Don’t they realize that we too are living creatures? We too feel pain, we too feel hurt, we too have emotions. (still crying)

Bob – Relax bro. Don’t cry. These people see animals as objects. We are the objects. These people release their frustration and stress by throwing stones at us. We are the means of their entertainment, they got entertained by seeing us in zoos and circuses. We are the means of their income, they get so much money by selling our body parts (like hairs, skin, and tusk). We are the sacred objects for them, they sacrifice our heads during their rituals for their wish-fulfillment. We are so many things to them but living creatures….

Ollie – You are right, my friend. I thought after that Pregnant Elephant Case, the change will come. At that time lots of people were posting against animal cruelty. But still, nothing much has changed so far.

Bob – Yeah. These people hurt and harm us in so many ways in their daily lives that they don’t even realize? Rather than giving us food and shelter, they throw stones at us. They keep destroying forests, our home. They throw garbage into the rivers which causes water pollution and harms fishes and other water animals. They keep building big buildings and those cell phone towers which cause electromagnetic rays that kill birds. And the list will go on but these people will never change.

Ollie – It’s not like that. All people are not bad. Some people so kind and generous like my masters. People are getting aware of animal rights. There are so many organizations working for animal rights and safety like PETA and CFI.

Bob – Yeah you are right. But change will only come when everyone starts acknowledging us (animals) as living creatures. They should realize that we too need food and shelter and a bit of love and affection. We are not harmful. Nature has created all of us (human beings and animals) to coexist peacefully. They should realize that if they keep on killing animals then it will create an imbalance in the Ecosystem.

Ollie – We are so lucky that we got loving families who give us so much love and affection. But all those animals are not so lucky. I just hope that these people stop harming us.

Bob – I wish the same. Let’s go home. See you soon. Bye

Ollie – Bye bro.

P.S – Seva urges you to stop such kind of practices that harm innocent animals. We motivate you to keep loving animals. Please give them food, water, and shelter. Let’s be generous to animals and make the earth a better place for humans and animals to coexist peacefully.

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