Organizations that are Working for the Environment

SEVA is a non-profit organization that always attempts to support wildlife, the environment, and tribal women. Through our work, we always attempt to make society a better living place. And we are not alone in this attempt, there are lots of other organizations who are working beautifully to save the environment. Through this blog, we are trying to appreciate their brilliant work. So, SEVA presents you a list of some organizations that are working to save the environment and mother Earth.

  • Mitti Cool – Founded by Mr. Mansukhbhai Prajapati Mitti Cool is an attempt at connecting people to their lost roots. Mitti Cool produces Earthen products. This organization manufactures cookware made from clay like earthen pots, clay cookers, and lots more. Through their work, they are trying to highlight the benefits of using earthen products. Earthenware does not only have health benefits but also enhances the taste and nutritional value of the food. With their earthen products, Mitti Cool has achieved recognition all over India. Mitti Cool has the vision to represent Indian culture and tradition at an international level. Mitti Cool is one of the most significant companies working in the domain of Earthen products. Through its products, Mitti Cool is preserving the Indian culture and tradition of using clay Products. Mitti Cool promotes the idea of using eco-friendly products and the idea of acknowledging the value of our soil.
Mitti Cool
  • Eco femme — Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010, based in Tamil Nadu, India. Its main goal is to create environmental and social change through redefining the menstrual practices that are healthy and environmentally sustainable. Eco femme produces and sells cloth pads. Cloth pads are a great alternative to regular pads. A regular pad takes more than 500 years to decompose. Can you believe that in your entire life every pad that you have used so far is still there on the earth. Isn’t it shocking? Regular pads have been creating pollution for so many decades and now it’s time to stop the pollution. Eco femme has been working to inspire women to use cloth pads instead of using regular plastic pads. These cloth pads are washable and reusable. These pads are naturally reliable. And apart from just selling these cloth pads, Eco femme has a mission to spread menstrual health education to girls. Through its work, this organization attempts to remove the taboos around the topic of menstruation. Eco femme, through its work has been trying to empower not only women but also the environment.
Eco Femme
  • Bakey’s – Bakey’s is An Indian Startup company (based in Hyderabad, India) that manufactures edible cutlery. Founded in 2010 by Narayana Peesapaty to offer an alternative to plastic and disposable cutlery. This company manufactures cutlery (spoons, forks, and chopsticks) made from Millet Flour and after using these can be eaten. The edible cutlery is a great initiative to reduce the consumption of plastic. One more important thing about these cutleries that they are made from millet and millet crop take very less amount of water. In this way, the edible cutlery does not put a burden on water resources. The spoons have a shelf-life of 24 months and are so made that they will naturally decompose between 3 and 7 days after use if not consumed. These cutleries come in different flavors like mint, cumin, carrot, etc. This concept of edible cutlery is indeed unique and wonderful. This initiative attempts to reduce the consumption of plastic cutlery and to save the environment.
Edible Cutlery
  • Help Us Green – In India, most of us have seen that the floral waste of temples and mosques is usually thrown into the water bodies. This floral waste does not only pollute our rivers but also pollutes the area around the river. Help Us Green has taken the responsibility to stop the river Pollution and to manage this ‘monumental waste’. Help Us Green is the world’s first lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem. Through its pioneering Flowercycling technology the organization attempts to save Ganga from becoming a religious sewer. This organization collects floral waste from different temples and mosques of Uttar Pradesh and by using this floral waste is upcycled into aromatic Incense sticks and compost. Indeed, this organization is a revolutionary attempt to manage the tons of floral-waste and to save our sacred rivers. This organization does not only produce eco-friendly products but also gives employment opportunities to women. By providing employment opportunities to women this organization attempts to empower women.
  • Graviky Labs – This company has discovered the concept of ‘Air Ink’. Basically, this company upcycles air pollution into sustainable inks, paints, coatings, plastics, and construction materials. Another great initiative. This company attempts to contribute to a reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon emissions from vehicles and exhausts before they can enter the earth’s atmosphere. It is an innovative way to save the atmosphere from air pollution.
Graviky Labs
  • Seed Paper India – Most of us spend so much money on our wedding cards. Everyone wants their wedding invitation cards to be grand and the most beautiful. And what happened to that invitation card after the wedding? It is generally thrown into the garbage or sold to a scrap shop. A total waste of money and Paper. Seed Paper India can be considered the best solution to this issue. This organization manufactures seed paper, a Bio-degradable Paper that has seeds artfully embedded in them. Once you are done using the paper plant it and can see the seed growing into a beautiful plant. This organization produces seed papers, seeded wedding cards, seed pencils, seed pens and lots more amazing and eco-friendly stuff. Through its work, this organization attempts to preserve the environment and to promote the idea of sustainable living.
Seed Paper

So, through this blog, we have tried to draw your attention to these wonderful organizations but there are numerous organizations that are working brilliantly in their respective domains. Like SEVA, all of these organizations have one sole aim of serving the mother earth and making this earth a better living place. Every organization has its own unique ideas and skills and they are putting tremendous efforts to save our earth. But it is not only their responsibility to save the world. SEVA believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to contributing to this attempt of saving mother Earth. And in this attempt, all of these organizations need only one thing, i.e. your support. Along with your support, all of us can bring a change and can save our beloved Earth. In the end, SEVA urges you to keep supporting us and all of these organizations that are working for the environment.

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