Valentine’s Day: An opportunity to tribute Nature

Finally, Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time for celebration. Valentine’s Day is a festival of love, celebrated worldwide. This festival is all about expressing your love, affection, and passion to your loved ones. SEVA wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May your love keep blossoming throughout the year. May you and your partner will have a wonderful year ahead.

Valentine’s Day is a festival that is celebrated all over the globe. In different parts of the world, people celebrate this festival with different traditions and in different ways. Many people exchange gifts, some people give roses to each other, while some give chocolates. We are sure that all of you have already made some amazing plans for this Day and SEVA wishes you lots of love. 

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Through this blog, SEVA would like to encourage you to celebrate the eternal love between nature and mankind. Nature has given us so much that we can never pay back and therefore, it deserves immense respect and affection. SEVA believes that Valentine’s Day is the best occasion to showcase these feelings.

This Valentine’s Day let’s give a gift to nature as well. Now, the main question arises that what can we (human- beings) give to the most generous nature? Well, the answer is quite simple. Let’s give a tribute to nature by being a little kinder towards it.

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Let’s pledge that we would reduce those activities that create and raise the pollution, that is deadly to nature.

Let’s pledge that we would maintain the natural beauty of natural elements, we would not throw any garbage in the river.

Let’s pledge that we would be generous towards the other living organisms of nature, i.e., the wildlife.

SEVA believes that there are numerous ways to showcase our respect for nature. And to encourage more SEVA has a very special thing for all of you.

On this beautiful occasion of Valentine’s Day, SEVA presents the GIY (Grow it Yourself) Kit. This Kit has everything that you will need for planting. In this Kit, you get high-quality seeds, soil, organic compost, Cloth Pouches, an Earthen Pot.

Through these kits, we would like to encourage you that rather than plucking a flower, plant a seed. You can get these kits for yourself and your loved ones. Rather than going for some expensive gifts, you can gift these kits to your loved ones and ask them to grow these seeds with you. In this way, both of you will have different plants, that will symbolize your immense love for each other.

These kits are made by the tribal women of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park with immense hard work and purchasing these will help them and motivate them to work harder. Plus, all products in these kits are organic and eco-friendly.

Believe us, it would be a great gesture towards nature.

SEVA believes that Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful festivals and its main aim is to spread love and generosity to everyone, not only to human-beings the only but also to animals, birds, etc. Every living entity of nature deserves love and respect. It is high time that we start accepting this fact and start acting on it. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s Valentine’s already. Get these affordable kits now and celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your loved ones along with these kits. You can get all the details for these kits on our website and our social media pages.

With all these, SEVA wishes a great Valentine’s Day to all its readers. Thank you so much for all the love and faith you have shown in us. Keep supporting us and SEVA assures you that we will work harder for our vision, i.e., to provide the earning opportunities to tribal women of the SGNP and to empower them with skills. 

SEVA loves you all.

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