Inter-relation between Nature and Health

3 Reasons Nature is Great for Your Health (and Skin!) | Eminence Organic  Skin Care

Nature and Living Beings themselves have always been co-existing since times immemorial and this innate connection of all living beings with nature necessarily needs to be highlighted with the rising trend of side-lining or ignoring the significance of nature on Earth. Nature has increasingly affected every single component of our daily lifestyle and existence at large including a given constituent, health. Health is simply defined as the physical, social, and mental well-being of humanity, according to World Health Organization.

Firstly, our physical well-being is completely dependent on nature and the resources it provides, for instance, necessities (food, water, and shelter). With the rising popularity of naturopathy and ayurvedic treatment of physical health introduced as an alternative to man-made chemicals as drugs, these provide an equally healthy and self-healing process of treatment.

Ayurvedic medicines in India refocuses on the multi-layered resources of nature having an intrinsic quality of healing health and supporting a healthy life. Exposure to nature also significantly helps in regulating our diurnal bodily rhythms to ensure physical vitality from within and activities like walking in the natural environment reduce blood pressure.

Secondly, regarding the social well-being, the interrelation between humans and the environment they are surrounded within every space of living affects their overall lifestyle which is the reason office spaces, homes, and such generally aim to create large green spaces to increase the vitality of communities and the environment they are in. One of the purposes of parents sending their children to play in green parks and gardens is to improve their social development and social bonds. Thirdly, mental health is inherently in congruence with your lifestyle and physical health.

When we take a walk in the park or go travel to hills and coasts outside the bustle of city life and take a break from the hustle culture people experience in their daily life, we strive to find mental peace and recuperate within nature. The notion of ‘getting fresh air’ inherently means being present within a space of natural and pure things instead of man-made stress and pollution. Mental health is a direct factor in our physical health mechanism and vice-versa. The relationship between a decrease in quality of general healthy lifestyle and urbanization goes side by side when we observe the declining availability of green spaces in cities. This will have severe consequences on the functioning of the natural environment in certain areas and will also be detrimental to living beings. Our health is of foremost importance in a society where collective happiness and holistic growth are not given enough attention.

Humans have always been one with nature, everything around us is built to satisfy our need, starting with the trees which provide oxygen, water which quenches our thirst, the food we procure with plants and animals, and the fact that we co-exist with nature points towards the urgent need of realizing in status-quo that our overall well-being will constantly be reliant on nature. This paves way for humans to realize the importance of, respect and restore their health as well as nature.

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