The Urgency of Ecological Consciousness

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The twenty-first-century world requires human beings to reconnect and be conscious of nature and its needs. We have to understand that we are not a separate entity outside nature but this cycle of life is an intricate web-connected to anything and everything on the earth. When we are working towards destroying a part of nature, small the smallest harm like throwing plastic on roads to releasing harmful gases from factories, we are essentially escalating the rate of nature’s destruction which is directly congruent to the end of life as we know it.

We, as the current generation, need to be fully equipped to develop a sustainable way of life, which comes from an ecological consciousness. Capitalistic society teaches us to generate wealth by exploiting natural resources and paves the way for communities to think that nature is present to support human life only, however, this thought process needs to be challenged with a new ideal way of living with the consciousness that nature is here not only to serve human life but to co-exist with mankind as one living unit.

Each culture teaches a different kind of environmental consciousness, depending on a multiplicity of factors like geographical location, historical context, philosophy and religion of that particular culture, etc. This diversity in culture is respected globally and each of us views the world through our own cultural and societal lens. We have observed historically that religions and cultures preach living a ‘good life’ and respect the nature around us, with some religions like Hinduism, where nature itself is a god and its components like air, water, tree, and wind being a god or goddess of their own and people used to pray to these gods.

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The most probable motive of having such gods was to make people understand the importance of nature and the environment, and also putting fear into people’s minds so that they do not misuse these natural resources. Just like these nuances found in multiple cultures and traditions, the modern world also needs a newer concept of ecological consciousness, not based on fear or irrational ideas but scientific awareness and knowledge of the ecological crisis the world is facing right now.

The essence of ecological consciousness is a way of being that respects the natural world’, which is what we have been talking about and taking major steps towards actualizing this goal for a decade now but still have been unsuccessful in doing so. we have reached a conflict with the nature found in our planet such that we are facing a potential hazard in a capitalist and industrial way of living life. we now have to invent a newer way to live a life that is in harmony with the natural environment and does not harm the earth and our quality of life that we live, keeping in mind our future generation which is yet to see the world we leave for them. Our learned lifestyle will be challenged greatly, along with the values that we have learned from the previous generation. This shift that will take place in our existence will challenge the capitalistic way of living but it is the only way to ensure a sustainable way of living.

We have to interconnect with all sects of society and find a solution to living life along with reconnecting with nature which does not harm either of the parties. also, taking into note that this thing is yet to be done and no one knows exactly how it is to be done because it is quite a difficult mission to change a particular way of life that is ingrained in our consciousness, and that is why ecological consciousness has been highlighted so much in our education. This is why learning to live and inventing or discovering newer ways and resources which will not harm nature as well as not change our quality of life is so eminently required.

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We have to practice a certain way of living, keeping in mind our holistic development, and not just running after capital and destroying the quality of life we are going to live in the future because of it. Every individual has a moral obligation to leave a better-equipped life to the future generation and this will only materialize when we endeavour for ecological consciousness in the social order as a whole. 

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