Gobar Diyas

Making and using diyas from cow dung has been a part of Indian traditions and culture for centuries because of its religious aspect and also other scientific proven benefits.

Now-a-days some people tend to overlook our traditional methods and have been associated with the modern lifestyle, which is harming the environment in one way or the other. This has made us overlook and forget about the traditional diyas(which were made using cow dung), but the essence and properties attached to it comes to limelight.

Gobar diyas are in fact used in many Indian festivals and also for decoration purposes. Also, the daily prayers include the lighting of these Diyas.

These diyas have various names associated to them which goes by: panchagavya,cow dung Diya, ghee diya etc.

It is believed that, these diyas have the ability to remove the bad energy in the environment it is placed in and it brings in good and positive energy making your mood elevate.These Gobar diyas also have many other properties that make it standout. It also helps the environment, by producing copious amounts of ‘Pranvayu’ or oxygen, due to the burning of the mixture of cow dung and ghee.

Even today in some parts of our country these gobar diyas are usually lighted on the religious occasions mainly at homes and temples to worship the deities in the most eco friendly way.These diyas not only uses it’s essence to make the environment clean to breathe but also when burnt and left over, it does not leave any carbon residue behind and decomposes itself into an organic matter making it a perfect manure to grow a plant or use it in agricultural fields.

This diya comes with many benefits, such as:

• Leaves no residue or carbon footprint when burnt completely.

•When completely burnt, these diyas turn into manure for plants.

• Removes bad toxins and bad energy from the environment and brings in positivity.

•Gives employment to rural households.

Given its eco-friendly properties, these diyas made up of cow dung, truly seem to have extraordinary qualities, some of which are inexplicable. Rising pollution levels and carbon footprints pose a threat to the world, Gobar diya may turn out to be a solution to both the problems, giving you a healthy and clean environment with many other benefits as well.

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