World Environment Day

On 5th June, we celebrate the World environment day(WED) which actually shows us the true scenario of how worse the current situation is and the need to take serious actions to improve it.
WED is basically an initiative started by the UNITED NATIONS to celebrate the environment, pressing concerns over the depletion of forests, natural resources and the raising awareness among the people regarding environmental issues. Every year, WED plans a new theme to solve environmental problems, and many multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and governments are involved. The theme for World Environment Day 2021 is Ecosystem restoration. Pakistan will be hosting the World Environment Day this year. The importance of having environment day cannot be expressed in words. In the past years, we have seen a baby whale swallow plastic from the ocean, Australian bush fires resulting in loss of 1 billion animals, and also witnessed the destruction of the world’s largest rainforest as the amazon experienced the deadliest forest fires in it’s history.
This year’s theme is a step to restore the planet by improving the present conditions of the ecosystem around the world.Ecosystems are the reason to life on earth. Recovery does not guarantee the improvement of our ecosystem, but it will be a step in the same direction.Their goal is to slow the destruction of ecosystems around the world. More importantly, the rise In pollution levels and loss of flora and fauna makes it even more important to address this problem.
There are many ways to mark this day and bring people’s attention towards the importance of protecting our ecosystem.
Initially, the UN home page itself shows how one can contribute to the world level in support of the ecosystem eclipse.
Also to show your participation and support on the same, you can share posts on virtual media, social media platforms like Instagram, telegram, Facebook.
And you can tell stories alike using hastag #ForNature. Moreover to get our ecosystem back on track, one can play one’s part by:
•planting trees occasionally near one’s locality.
•Not using plastic bags and also not disposing plastic.
•Dumping waste into the the correct garbage boxes
•Spreading awareness among your friends citing the importance of the concerned problem and the need to take up the initiative of working at ground level.
•Donate to NGO’s for this specific purpose. It can be in any form, be it in monetary terms, by planting trees, educating others, etc.

Environment day is a small yet a powerful initiative containing a strong message for the citizens around the world that “ To live healthy, we need a healthy surrounding”. Given the improper use of natural
resources, It’s important that people understand the repercussions of the mentioned issue and take action right away to minimise the damage being caused.
It is a long road to improving the current natural conditions, but it is rightly said to be “Not too late”.

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