Green planet

It is our duty to work towards the well being of our planet earth. Keeping it clean and green is the basic responsibility of the people living on this planet. It looks a long road to achieve a healthy green planet but keeping in mind the rapid decline of forests, steps to be taken on personal level are necessary. For e.g: Each citizen can plant at least one plant which ultimately would result in approx. 7.5 billion plants planted.

Green earth has been a serious issue for all. In present times, many diseases have come up which are result of rise in pollution levels. Having an ec o-friendly life-cycle can help save a lot of lives. Pollution has worst affected the urban areas having a lot of vehicles which ultimately adds to the pollution levels. Now-a-days trees are being cut for various purposes resulting in reduction of co2 in-take. A tree can filter approximately 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to the smoke emitted by a car when it travels 11,000 miles.

So, on every occasion when a tree is cut down, we are destroying one thing that supports human life balance. A recent study has established that, planting trees in one acre will take away about 13 loads of pollutants annually. Simply consider the number of greenhouse emission that may be off from the atmosphere with only one acre of land. A 2,500 sq. feet space of trees can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and unharness atomic number 8 enough from a family of 4 members. Each year, about 540 tons of pollutants stay back in Washington. In Atlanta, temperature has enhanced about 8 degrees because, between the years 1973 and 1999, regarding 350,000 acres are bulldozed. This is often a unadorned example of sick effects of nature obtaining destroyed. Water is additionally as necessary as air, while not water life on this planet is impossible. Inexperienced suggest that of living can improve the standard of water and also save the lakes and streams from the unwanted waste.

Deforestation is the main cause to all the problems revolving global warming, increasing pollution levels, etc.

Planting trees will reduce heat accumulation in that specific location, reduce water runoff and keep you cool at night. A recent study was done by planting trees in parking lots. There is a big difference between shaded areas and sunny areas. The difference is as high as 15 degrees Celsius. If we use trees as a source of temperature reduction, we may prohibit the use of fossil fuels to change the temperature. The ambient temperature can be lowered, thereby reducing the use of air conditioning systems. Even in winter, trees can warm the house with sunlight. Many researchers have proven that green roofs can reduce heat and save energy, giving you an island feel, and the surrounding air becomes cleaner and safer. The green roof significantly reduces the temperature and is very easy to assemble. Just plant some plants on your deck and water them every day. As you can see in agricultural countries, topsoil is very important for all species. But the precious topsoil was consumed by soil erosion. The main reason is deforestation. This can be solved in variety of ways. Like underground. This prevents sediment from entering streams, lakes and roads. It will also reduce landslides, floods and sandstorms, thereby reducing air and water pollution and protecting the most fertile surface. Proper landscaping will reduce the infiltration of nitrate into the soil. Proper tree planting can reduce surface water runoff. This prevents phosphorus and other pollutants from entering waterways and overloading sewage treatment plants. It is best to create a lawn. In the hot summer, it may be 30 degrees colder than asphalt and 14 degrees colder than bare ground. The drinking water of a lawn is six times that of wheat fields and four times that of rice fields. This prevents rainwater loss and groundwater accumulation. When mowing the grass, the homeowner can leave the mowed grass on the lawn, which is the so-called lawn cycle. These herbs decompose very quickly and release valuable plant nutrient minerals into the soil. Herbs that reduce nitrogen requirements by approximately 40%.It can also help homeowners save time in collecting scrapbooks. Modern lawn mowers are very easy to use, making it easier to ride a bicycle on the lawn

Keeping in mind the present state of earth, green living has to be considered to get into the green lifestyle. It’s late but it’s never too late to start adopting new methods which will benefit us and the earth, after-all the will to make a change matters.

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