Organic food

It has been observed that in many households, organic food has been looked as an essential component of their diet and looking forward, the consumption of the same has subsequently increased.
Well our diet often reflects us physically and mentally and a healthy diet results in a proper physique, a fresh mind and brings in positivity. So basically what I mean to say by a healthy diet is that it mainly comprises of sufficient nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fat etc. To be honest to the fact that these components are mainly missing in the present households of India with children coming up with problems like obesity, heart disease etc. is nothing but a result of improper diet plan. So basically the food you eat will have a positive benefit onto your mental and physical health.
Speaking of benefits, having a balanced diet that consists of organic food has tons of benefits ranging from medical benefits to being eco-friendly products.
Well I have some benefits of organic foods in mind which can be expressed in words before you:-
•So organic food usually remain fresh for a longer period of time as they obviously do not contain any preservatives.
•Organic food Also acts as a boon to the environment resulting from reducing pollution to keeping a check on soil erosion. Also, farming without the use of synthetic pesticides is a good option for the animals and birds living nearby and around the field.
•Keeping in mind that the Animals are raised organically, they are usually not dosed with antibiotics which ultimately helps them keep healthy and provide fresh and better quality dairy products.
•Organic food is also free from GMO which means genetically modified organisms whose DNA has been altered with .
•Also organic foods has less pesticides or chemicals to avoid the decline in the nutrients present
Moving onwards, you may wonder what makes organic food different from the traditional food. Well, Comparative studies of the chemical composition of foods in organic and traditional production systems are valuable and can indicate possible health effects; however, I should brought out the fact that the assumptions about the effects of compounds are often modified making it obvious that even advanced methods, such as systems biology, which analyse hundreds or even thousands of compounds, only show the phytochemistry of the iceberg.
So how are these organic foods made?
So basically, the process of making these organic foods Is called organic farming which basically involves use of manure and avoids chemicals or pesticides. We have witnessed a recent growth in demand of these organic foods as people are becoming more aware about the need to be physically fit and to maintain a healthy diet.
To add on, these organic foods are eco-friendly making it people’s first choice as the essentials of their households. Various standards are also set by the authority monitoring the making and selling of these foods. If the food performs up to the expected standard, it is certified as organically produced foods.
But it is rightly said that every coin has it’s two sides, similarly organic foods have a negative side which reflects in the pricing of these foods.They are more expensive to the traditional foods available in the market making it unavailable to those who cant afford these basic essentials. This gives rise to the food insecurity in the developing nations all around the world. I feel that a change is needed but it needs to come along with the right price because a wrong price would eventually sum up to nothing but a rise in insecurities.
To end with, organic food proves its worth with it’s exceptional qualities and various benefits, but it comes along with a certain price tag which might not fit in everyone’s budget.

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