Social sustainability

Have you ever wondered about being sustainable in life? No right, because this is the current situation among various individuals who feel the same way as you do thinking that sustainability is not their responsibility. Today, we can witness the result of not being sustainable with marine life being dispersed off to the offshore of the oceans, floods and droughts being the major cause of loss of life and livelihood, animal species going extinct and global warming being the reason for the extreme climatic conditions.
Social sustainability is also a part of sustainability which basically means to examine and identify the positive and the negative impacts of the business activities being pursued. We usually think that we can be sustainable only by following the green life and which ultimately would require huge costs for creation of Green Technology but here I prove you wrong because social sustainability breaks the same myth. There are multiple ways to afford a green living that rightly fits into your budget as well as does justice to the environment. One of simplest way to become socially sustainable is to do backyard gardening. Obviously this won’t be a guarantee to a change in present scenario, but this basically would a start a chain reaction with people becoming more aware about the need to bring a change in the society.
Similarly, sustainability is also the responsibility of businessmen. The quality of the company’s relationship and its commitment to stakeholders are crucial. Companies directly or indirectly affect the situation of employees, value chain workers, customers, and local communities, and it is important to actively manage the consequences. Work basically depends to a large extent on your efforts to build social resilience. In addition, poor social development such as poverty, inequality and weak rule of law can hinder business activities and growth. Keeping in mind the above stated points, entrepreneurs also need to achieve social responsibility to attract new stakeholders and be source of an inspiration in the market.
Also to brief you about the fact that the first six of the UN Global Compact’s standards cognizance in a social size of company sustainability, of which human rights is the cornerstone. Basically these standards on on social sustainability additionally covers the human rights of unique corporations: labour, women’s empowerment and gender equality, children, indigenous peoples, human beings with disabilities , in addition to human beings -targeted tactics to commercial enterprise influences on poverty. As properly as protecting corporations of rights holders, social sustainability encompasses troubles that affecting them, for example, schooling and health.
Business to work on social sustainability can contribute in different approaches to enhance the lives of the humans they affect, which includes with the aid of using growing respectable jobs, items and offerings that assist meet simple needs, and greater inclusive fee chains, Make strategic social investments and sell public guidelines that guide social sustainability, Partner with different businesses, pooling strengths to make an extra fine impact.
Also social impact assessment focuses on 3 ways that business can implement to maintain social sustainability in their projects. These ways basically states
• An analytical dimension that includes a thorough assessment of the project documents and the social context, as well as the possible positive and negative effects;
• A participatory dimension that refers to a significant commitment of all those interested in the project;
• and a management dimension, in which the elements of analysis and participation are integrated into the management and decision-making systems of a project during the preparation and implementation phase.
At last, I just want to convey the message that While it’s far the number one responsibility of governments to protect, respect, fulfill and gradually comprehend human rights, companies and citizens can, and should, do their part to ensure social sustainability after-all it’s you who makes a difference.

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