Reduce Reuse Recycle

We all are well aware of the fact that pollution to the environment is rising at an alarming rate. People don’t pay attention to the waste they generate or the plastic they throw away into the water bodies or in the landfills. People nowadays don’t understand the need and the meaning to follow the 3R’s principle. Yes, when it’s come down to recycling, we follow the 3R’a principle know as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But the problem arises when only a part of the society engages in this and others don’t bother to take a step forward and be part of this initiative. It’s not only the faults of our society but also machinery which is basically used to recycle the waste is not able to recycle certain waste hence leaving people with one option to dump it. Though it is exciting to see almost all the products being recycled the truth is that only 10% of the plastic products are able to be recycled, the rest 90% are either dumped into the marine life or thrown away on the roads. So basically what I feel from the current situation we are going through is that 3 R’s is necessary to be followed in India.

But the problem arises when people don’t really get the meaning of this phrase and I will brief you about the same down below.


This is the foremost and the first principle of the 3 R strategies. It sounds very simple to be followed and it is actually basically meaning to reduce the quantity or the amount of the things being used in our day-to-day life. For e.g.:- Reducing the use of plastic in our life would help us work towards helping the environment.


Next, we have the 2nd R i.e. Reuse which basically means to reuse an item over and over again. Simple right? Maybe you can also try this back at your end by using bags made out of paper over plastic bags saving you money as well as sustainability to the environment.


At last, we come down to the 3rd R i.e. Recycle, which is actually the most important and productive principle of all the R’s. This principle actually means that the waste we generate in our life that needs to be recycled instead of being dumped. This way we are basically doing two things: – At first, we are converting waste into reusable products

Second, we are helping the environment by cleaning it.

I feel these 3R’s are very easy to be followed and are applicable in our day-to-day life. It’s just about the effort and initiative of our people to come forward and take a step towards following a green life. You all have heard about waste management and pollution prevention but do you also that these 3 R’s help you fight for both causes. What we basically are the guidance to follow these simple yet powerful principles.

Let me show you some simple ways by which you can follow the 3 R concepts. The old clothes, kitchen appliances, Furniture that are of no use to you can be donated to the poor people instead of being thrown away. Your garbage can is a luxury for the other person.

You can maintain a box for the same by putting all your waste for say about a month and donate every month to the NGOs, hospitals, orphanages, etc.

Reduce the throwing of garbage to landfills nearby you. First, try the 3R’s principle, and then if you still have some garbage left, try to save it for the next month’s waste. New landfills cannot be generated but what we can do on our part is to reduce the disposal of the garbage in the present landfills.

This way we are reducing waste and extending the life of new landfills.

It’s a long road ahead to achieve the goals of the 3 R’s but the start has to be taken to make an impact and live a healthy and sustainable life. The decision lies up to you if you want to be a part of this movement because it’s you who makes the difference.


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