Water conservation

Maybe you have the luxury of living a lavish life.You may have loads of money to buy whatever you want to satisfy your needs. But have you ever wondered what if all the water present on our plant has vanished with a snap of fingers

Scary right this statement may seem like a hypothetical situation but is a result of a chain reaction started by none other than us.

Like I said money can buy you happiness, it can buy any materialistic things that you wish for life but money can’t buy you food and water. To brief with you the same fact, approx. 70% of the earth is made up of water. You may think that this seems like a good amount of water to live a comfortable life without having the thought in the mind to save the water, but I want to tell you that the case is entirely opposite. In fact, less than 3% of this water is freshwater. This can be an eye-opener for those who believe that water conservation is no big deal. It really is more precious than we tend to treat it to be. Even to aware you of the fact that approx. 800 million people are not the having the access to safe drinking water.

The facts stated brings me to let you guys understand the complexity of how water being is misused and why do us need water conservation. Basically, we often indulge in activities where we may not waste water intentionally but it ultimately leads to water wastage.

A simple step towards water conservation by you on a personal basis can play a big role in improving the current situation and aware other people why do we need to follow the same route now. Some ways by which you can save water at your home can be:

•Turn off the taps when brushing because usually the water keeps running down the drain and we keep it turned on wasting lots of water. And there are 8 billion people living on this planet. Imagine one person just turning off their water tap per day and others subsequently following the same saving lots of water for us and the future generations.

•You can start Spreading awareness among your friends and relatives regarding how important and sensitive the water conservation issue is and ensure them their tiny effort to bring a change in the present situation matters.

• Not participate and start campaigns regarding celebrating Holi in a green and a dry way using dry colour and no water. This can help save water which can be further used in an efficient manner.

•while you are cleaning your utensils, keep in mind to avoid the running tap water being turned on because this way the water instead of being drained down to the sewer can be saved and can be used for other purposes as well.

•It’s also a shower that accounts for maximum water wastage. You may wonder that having a shower and a bath is necessary but the problem occurs when people take long baths that go up for an hour. Many people love hot long showers that obviously will lead to water wastage. Instead of bathing every day, we can take a step to miss a bath twice a week.

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