Fire Ecology

Do you agree when I express my concern over whether the fire is an important asset or wrath towards the Life present on Earth? To support my statement, fire being a dangerous component the wildfires has been succeeded in causing harm to nature, Life, and Livelihood. According to my, the fire also balances the equilibrium by showcasing its immense properties by removing the Debris from the forest floor and making it prone to the sunlight hence enriching the soil with nutrients and space.

Obviously, I know that you are well aware of what all fire can do but what if I asked you to define me the real meaning of Fire Ecology and the result of the same? Well, I know it sounds complex, and believe me even I thought the same but that was before writing this blog. While I was doing my research, I understood the meaning of Fire Ecology which is nothing but a division of ecology which focuses on the study of Wildlife Fire, its impact connected to the life present on the ecosystem, and it’s Ultimate Objective. We know that the Natural Events such as Earthquakes, Forest fires, Floods are under scrutiny and these calamities promote the change in the Eco-System and have been part of the same Eco-System for a long time. Also, to brief you with the fact I have some personal experience that I would like to share with you guys wherein I experienced the true essence of Forest Fire.

It was a fine day, the sky being clear and the sun shining bright ready to give us sunburn, sounds funny but it isn’t. So, we went hiking in the woods hoping to spend a memorable time among nature but there we observed that how powerful nature is and what exactly Fire Ecology stands for! It was a complete disaster as we saw it in front of our eyes with the trees burning and the heat being felt all over our bodies. It took around 9-10 hours to extinguish the fire, 25 fire engines deployed to extinguish the fire and minimize the damage caused. Eventually, we were informed that there was no casualty but 170 acres of land had been burnt to ashes along with some of the sheds made around the forest.

This incident had a huge impact on my life, making me understand how the Eco-System works, this fire being one of the methods to bring the change in the Landscape of the Forest. I hope you all are aware of the recent Australian Bush Fires that lead to massive destruction with almost 33 people being killed and leaving 27.2 million acres burnt. So the major question that arrives in everyone’s mind is what leads to these bush fires in Australia? Was it because of the negligent behaviour of Humans or was it about nature showing its true colours?  Well, studies showed that local climate has been a culprit in the devastation caused in Australia with the conditions having the right elements to ignite a fire. As we all know, Fire comprises 3 elements fuel, water, oxygen and the climatic conditions in Australia suited all the 3 components within themselves resulting in the bizarre incident.

Also, you all may know about the infamous Amazon fires that recently took place resulting in the loss of precious and irreplaceable Amazon forests.

I know it’s hard to swallow a pill that such a horrifying incident actually took place destroying one of the biggest and oldest spreads of amazon civilization but this took place due to the result of human activities that lead to a disruption in the ecosystem and hence as a result fire ecology taking over making us repent over the activities that we indulge in our day to day lives. It’s not just the forests being burnt and the livelihood of the people being destroyed by the fires but also the creatures living in the forest have to pay for our deeds.

According to me, people take up the matter of fire ecology as a small issue and believe that it is not in our control but the fact remains the same that human activities contribute to a major part in the forest fires. Let me explain with a small example: suppose a man smokes a cigar by the forest and disposes the cigar in the bush nearby and the cigar is still ignited making the dry bush catch the cigar flames and hence a small bush fire resulting in the burning of the whole forests leaving behind acres of land burnt and creatures dead for nothing. I know it sounds pretty scary but this is what the reality is and we need to accept the fact that we are the real culprits behind the calamities happening around us and if we don’t stop the way we are using our resources, the day is not far when we will face a bigger and a stronger forest fire out of control and resulting in the complete destruction of life on our planet.

With this, I conclude my blog leaving you with the learning that some steps need to be taken to take care of our nature and surroundings so that we are ready to face the challenge we are thrown up with by nature and fight for a better tomorrow.



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