Urban Ecology

Before getting into the start of the blog, Tell me one thing how many of you actually know the meaning of Urban Ecology? Or what is your perspective about the same?

I can bet on that most of the readers reading this blog wont have a single clue on what urban ecology means.

Okay to make it more easy for you guys, what first comes into your mind when we talk about nature.

Is it the greenery or is it the soil enriched with minerals and sunlight shining upon them. Maybe the rocks and pebbles can also be in your mind when talking about nature.

But can humans be also considered a part of our nature?

Well Our species sees nature as something different from the world we live in to a large extent. We can explore it on hiking trips and even carry binoculars to better analyse what is so foreign to us. space. Escape from the city, although we admit that these spaces are not really “natural”, but we will take care of our conditions to get the most fun.
This separation between the two worlds is a misunderstanding. The premise is that the ecosystem before our invasion is a static environment. We are eventually replaced with our buildings, soot and rubble, but although our city does They are replacing the old environment, but they are replacing and creating new ecosystems Whether we admit it or not, we are directly! More and more research on urban ecology and evolution points to this idea that Although we have the illusion of dominance, other creatures fill and influence our lives in the way we influence their lives, but this is not enough. Play the role of a sculptor in our current version of the urban ecosystem. To a certain extent, this way of thinking is understandable. The emergence of medicine is mainly to enable humans to escape the understanding of natural selection. The overload of society and population has created a biological need to transfer our genes and increase our numbers. After all, we now have others. Ways to extend our personal influence beyond our deaths, to overcome consciousness, our biodynamics, and the various holes that fill our time. The last coffin nail that restricts human participation in the ecosystem is that we are excluded from the local food chain, especially in Western culture. In order to meet our daily needs, human beings no longer have a physical connection with the environment, but are connected in a certain way. You are invisible all over the world. The understanding of how the ecosystem works is quite limited. They are based not only on the food chain, but also on the endless interaction between species and organisms. If we can find a way to isolate how humans affect other organisms and how they affect us, we can at least begin to reintegrate our species into a larger ecosystem.
environmental protection is probably the closest thing to return. Tracing our food sources or considering the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, overfishing or deforestation requires understanding humans as part of a broader system of interactions between species. Although environmental protection is essentially about saving resources for their own needs, most subscribers describe it as a desire to care about nature because we care about nature. This is: this artificial division is rising again.
What should I do? How do we reintegrate into the ecosystem around us?This is not easy. I have been studying for many years, mainly to think about how the creatures around me affect my life, even indirectly, and how my decisions affect these creatures infinitely. The idea is simple. We feed them pigeon and they eat garbage to clean our streets. Steps like these may appear as small but what I believe is that by following these steps. I become the reason for the continuation of the species our fellow organisms.

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