Urban Ecology

Before getting into the start of the blog, Tell me one thing how many of you actually know the meaning of Urban Ecology? Or what is your perspective about the same?

I can bet on that most of the readers reading this blog wont have a single clue on what urban ecology means.

Okay to make it more easy for you guys, what first comes into your mind when we talk about nature.

Is it the greenery or is it the soil enriched with minerals and sunlight shining upon them. Maybe the rocks and pebbles can also be in your mind when talking about nature.

But can humans be also considered a part of our nature?

Well Our species sees nature as something different from the world we live in to a large extent. We can explore it on hiking trips and even carry binoculars to better analyse what is so foreign to us. space. Escape from the city, although we admit that these spaces are not really “natural”, but we will take care of our conditions to get the most fun.
This separation between the two worlds is a misunderstanding. The premise is that the ecosystem before our invasion is a static environment. We are eventually replaced with our buildings, soot and rubble, but although our city does They are replacing the old environment, but they are replacing and creating new ecosystems Whether we admit it or not, we are directly! More and more research on urban ecology and evolution points to this idea that Although we have the illusion of dominance, other creatures fill and influence our lives in the way we influence their lives, but this is not enough. Play the role of a sculptor in our current version of the urban ecosystem. To a certain extent, this way of thinking is understandable. The emergence of medicine is mainly to enable humans to escape the understanding of natural selection. The overload of society and population has created a biological need to transfer our genes and increase our numbers. After all, we now have others. Ways to extend our personal influence beyond our deaths, to overcome consciousness, our biodynamics, and the various holes that fill our time. The last coffin nail that restricts human participation in the ecosystem is that we are excluded from the local food chain, especially in Western culture. In order to meet our daily needs, human beings no longer have a physical connection with the environment, but are connected in a certain way. You are invisible all over the world. The understanding of how the ecosystem works is quite limited. They are based not only on the food chain, but also on the endless interaction between species and organisms. If we can find a way to isolate how humans affect other organisms and how they affect us, we can at least begin to reintegrate our species into a larger ecosystem.
environmental protection is probably the closest thing to return. Tracing our food sources or considering the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, overfishing or deforestation requires understanding humans as part of a broader system of interactions between species. Although environmental protection is essentially about saving resources for their own needs, most subscribers describe it as a desire to care about nature because we care about nature. This is: this artificial division is rising again.
What should I do? How do we reintegrate into the ecosystem around us?This is not easy. I have been studying for many years, mainly to think about how the creatures around me affect my life, even indirectly, and how my decisions affect these creatures infinitely. The idea is simple. We feed them pigeon and they eat garbage to clean our streets. Steps like these may appear as small but what I believe is that by following these steps. I become the reason for the continuation of the species our fellow organisms.

Fire Ecology

Do you agree when I express my concern over whether the fire is an important asset or wrath towards the Life present on Earth? To support my statement, fire being a dangerous component the wildfires has been succeeded in causing harm to nature, Life, and Livelihood. According to my, the fire also balances the equilibrium by showcasing its immense properties by removing the Debris from the forest floor and making it prone to the sunlight hence enriching the soil with nutrients and space.

Obviously, I know that you are well aware of what all fire can do but what if I asked you to define me the real meaning of Fire Ecology and the result of the same? Well, I know it sounds complex, and believe me even I thought the same but that was before writing this blog. While I was doing my research, I understood the meaning of Fire Ecology which is nothing but a division of ecology which focuses on the study of Wildlife Fire, its impact connected to the life present on the ecosystem, and it’s Ultimate Objective. We know that the Natural Events such as Earthquakes, Forest fires, Floods are under scrutiny and these calamities promote the change in the Eco-System and have been part of the same Eco-System for a long time. Also, to brief you with the fact I have some personal experience that I would like to share with you guys wherein I experienced the true essence of Forest Fire.

It was a fine day, the sky being clear and the sun shining bright ready to give us sunburn, sounds funny but it isn’t. So, we went hiking in the woods hoping to spend a memorable time among nature but there we observed that how powerful nature is and what exactly Fire Ecology stands for! It was a complete disaster as we saw it in front of our eyes with the trees burning and the heat being felt all over our bodies. It took around 9-10 hours to extinguish the fire, 25 fire engines deployed to extinguish the fire and minimize the damage caused. Eventually, we were informed that there was no casualty but 170 acres of land had been burnt to ashes along with some of the sheds made around the forest.

This incident had a huge impact on my life, making me understand how the Eco-System works, this fire being one of the methods to bring the change in the Landscape of the Forest. I hope you all are aware of the recent Australian Bush Fires that lead to massive destruction with almost 33 people being killed and leaving 27.2 million acres burnt. So the major question that arrives in everyone’s mind is what leads to these bush fires in Australia? Was it because of the negligent behaviour of Humans or was it about nature showing its true colours?  Well, studies showed that local climate has been a culprit in the devastation caused in Australia with the conditions having the right elements to ignite a fire. As we all know, Fire comprises 3 elements fuel, water, oxygen and the climatic conditions in Australia suited all the 3 components within themselves resulting in the bizarre incident.

Also, you all may know about the infamous Amazon fires that recently took place resulting in the loss of precious and irreplaceable Amazon forests.

I know it’s hard to swallow a pill that such a horrifying incident actually took place destroying one of the biggest and oldest spreads of amazon civilization but this took place due to the result of human activities that lead to a disruption in the ecosystem and hence as a result fire ecology taking over making us repent over the activities that we indulge in our day to day lives. It’s not just the forests being burnt and the livelihood of the people being destroyed by the fires but also the creatures living in the forest have to pay for our deeds.

According to me, people take up the matter of fire ecology as a small issue and believe that it is not in our control but the fact remains the same that human activities contribute to a major part in the forest fires. Let me explain with a small example: suppose a man smokes a cigar by the forest and disposes the cigar in the bush nearby and the cigar is still ignited making the dry bush catch the cigar flames and hence a small bush fire resulting in the burning of the whole forests leaving behind acres of land burnt and creatures dead for nothing. I know it sounds pretty scary but this is what the reality is and we need to accept the fact that we are the real culprits behind the calamities happening around us and if we don’t stop the way we are using our resources, the day is not far when we will face a bigger and a stronger forest fire out of control and resulting in the complete destruction of life on our planet.

With this, I conclude my blog leaving you with the learning that some steps need to be taken to take care of our nature and surroundings so that we are ready to face the challenge we are thrown up with by nature and fight for a better tomorrow.



Water conservation

Maybe you have the luxury of living a lavish life.You may have loads of money to buy whatever you want to satisfy your needs. But have you ever wondered what if all the water present on our plant has vanished with a snap of fingers

Scary right this statement may seem like a hypothetical situation but is a result of a chain reaction started by none other than us.

Like I said money can buy you happiness, it can buy any materialistic things that you wish for life but money can’t buy you food and water. To brief with you the same fact, approx. 70% of the earth is made up of water. You may think that this seems like a good amount of water to live a comfortable life without having the thought in the mind to save the water, but I want to tell you that the case is entirely opposite. In fact, less than 3% of this water is freshwater. This can be an eye-opener for those who believe that water conservation is no big deal. It really is more precious than we tend to treat it to be. Even to aware you of the fact that approx. 800 million people are not the having the access to safe drinking water.

The facts stated brings me to let you guys understand the complexity of how water being is misused and why do us need water conservation. Basically, we often indulge in activities where we may not waste water intentionally but it ultimately leads to water wastage.

A simple step towards water conservation by you on a personal basis can play a big role in improving the current situation and aware other people why do we need to follow the same route now. Some ways by which you can save water at your home can be:

•Turn off the taps when brushing because usually the water keeps running down the drain and we keep it turned on wasting lots of water. And there are 8 billion people living on this planet. Imagine one person just turning off their water tap per day and others subsequently following the same saving lots of water for us and the future generations.

•You can start Spreading awareness among your friends and relatives regarding how important and sensitive the water conservation issue is and ensure them their tiny effort to bring a change in the present situation matters.

• Not participate and start campaigns regarding celebrating Holi in a green and a dry way using dry colour and no water. This can help save water which can be further used in an efficient manner.

•while you are cleaning your utensils, keep in mind to avoid the running tap water being turned on because this way the water instead of being drained down to the sewer can be saved and can be used for other purposes as well.

•It’s also a shower that accounts for maximum water wastage. You may wonder that having a shower and a bath is necessary but the problem occurs when people take long baths that go up for an hour. Many people love hot long showers that obviously will lead to water wastage. Instead of bathing every day, we can take a step to miss a bath twice a week.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We all are well aware of the fact that pollution to the environment is rising at an alarming rate. People don’t pay attention to the waste they generate or the plastic they throw away into the water bodies or in the landfills. People nowadays don’t understand the need and the meaning to follow the 3R’s principle. Yes, when it’s come down to recycling, we follow the 3R’a principle know as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But the problem arises when only a part of the society engages in this and others don’t bother to take a step forward and be part of this initiative. It’s not only the faults of our society but also machinery which is basically used to recycle the waste is not able to recycle certain waste hence leaving people with one option to dump it. Though it is exciting to see almost all the products being recycled the truth is that only 10% of the plastic products are able to be recycled, the rest 90% are either dumped into the marine life or thrown away on the roads. So basically what I feel from the current situation we are going through is that 3 R’s is necessary to be followed in India.

But the problem arises when people don’t really get the meaning of this phrase and I will brief you about the same down below.


This is the foremost and the first principle of the 3 R strategies. It sounds very simple to be followed and it is actually basically meaning to reduce the quantity or the amount of the things being used in our day-to-day life. For e.g.:- Reducing the use of plastic in our life would help us work towards helping the environment.


Next, we have the 2nd R i.e. Reuse which basically means to reuse an item over and over again. Simple right? Maybe you can also try this back at your end by using bags made out of paper over plastic bags saving you money as well as sustainability to the environment.


At last, we come down to the 3rd R i.e. Recycle, which is actually the most important and productive principle of all the R’s. This principle actually means that the waste we generate in our life that needs to be recycled instead of being dumped. This way we are basically doing two things: – At first, we are converting waste into reusable products

Second, we are helping the environment by cleaning it.

I feel these 3R’s are very easy to be followed and are applicable in our day-to-day life. It’s just about the effort and initiative of our people to come forward and take a step towards following a green life. You all have heard about waste management and pollution prevention but do you also that these 3 R’s help you fight for both causes. What we basically are the guidance to follow these simple yet powerful principles.

Let me show you some simple ways by which you can follow the 3 R concepts. The old clothes, kitchen appliances, Furniture that are of no use to you can be donated to the poor people instead of being thrown away. Your garbage can is a luxury for the other person.

You can maintain a box for the same by putting all your waste for say about a month and donate every month to the NGOs, hospitals, orphanages, etc.

Reduce the throwing of garbage to landfills nearby you. First, try the 3R’s principle, and then if you still have some garbage left, try to save it for the next month’s waste. New landfills cannot be generated but what we can do on our part is to reduce the disposal of the garbage in the present landfills.

This way we are reducing waste and extending the life of new landfills.

It’s a long road ahead to achieve the goals of the 3 R’s but the start has to be taken to make an impact and live a healthy and sustainable life. The decision lies up to you if you want to be a part of this movement because it’s you who makes the difference.


Social sustainability

Have you ever wondered about being sustainable in life? No right, because this is the current situation among various individuals who feel the same way as you do thinking that sustainability is not their responsibility. Today, we can witness the result of not being sustainable with marine life being dispersed off to the offshore of the oceans, floods and droughts being the major cause of loss of life and livelihood, animal species going extinct and global warming being the reason for the extreme climatic conditions.
Social sustainability is also a part of sustainability which basically means to examine and identify the positive and the negative impacts of the business activities being pursued. We usually think that we can be sustainable only by following the green life and which ultimately would require huge costs for creation of Green Technology but here I prove you wrong because social sustainability breaks the same myth. There are multiple ways to afford a green living that rightly fits into your budget as well as does justice to the environment. One of simplest way to become socially sustainable is to do backyard gardening. Obviously this won’t be a guarantee to a change in present scenario, but this basically would a start a chain reaction with people becoming more aware about the need to bring a change in the society.
Similarly, sustainability is also the responsibility of businessmen. The quality of the company’s relationship and its commitment to stakeholders are crucial. Companies directly or indirectly affect the situation of employees, value chain workers, customers, and local communities, and it is important to actively manage the consequences. Work basically depends to a large extent on your efforts to build social resilience. In addition, poor social development such as poverty, inequality and weak rule of law can hinder business activities and growth. Keeping in mind the above stated points, entrepreneurs also need to achieve social responsibility to attract new stakeholders and be source of an inspiration in the market.
Also to brief you about the fact that the first six of the UN Global Compact’s standards cognizance in a social size of company sustainability, of which human rights is the cornerstone. Basically these standards on on social sustainability additionally covers the human rights of unique corporations: labour, women’s empowerment and gender equality, children, indigenous peoples, human beings with disabilities , in addition to human beings -targeted tactics to commercial enterprise influences on poverty. As properly as protecting corporations of rights holders, social sustainability encompasses troubles that affecting them, for example, schooling and health.
Business to work on social sustainability can contribute in different approaches to enhance the lives of the humans they affect, which includes with the aid of using growing respectable jobs, items and offerings that assist meet simple needs, and greater inclusive fee chains, Make strategic social investments and sell public guidelines that guide social sustainability, Partner with different businesses, pooling strengths to make an extra fine impact.
Also social impact assessment focuses on 3 ways that business can implement to maintain social sustainability in their projects. These ways basically states
• An analytical dimension that includes a thorough assessment of the project documents and the social context, as well as the possible positive and negative effects;
• A participatory dimension that refers to a significant commitment of all those interested in the project;
• and a management dimension, in which the elements of analysis and participation are integrated into the management and decision-making systems of a project during the preparation and implementation phase.
At last, I just want to convey the message that While it’s far the number one responsibility of governments to protect, respect, fulfill and gradually comprehend human rights, companies and citizens can, and should, do their part to ensure social sustainability after-all it’s you who makes a difference.

Organic food

It has been observed that in many households, organic food has been looked as an essential component of their diet and looking forward, the consumption of the same has subsequently increased.
Well our diet often reflects us physically and mentally and a healthy diet results in a proper physique, a fresh mind and brings in positivity. So basically what I mean to say by a healthy diet is that it mainly comprises of sufficient nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fat etc. To be honest to the fact that these components are mainly missing in the present households of India with children coming up with problems like obesity, heart disease etc. is nothing but a result of improper diet plan. So basically the food you eat will have a positive benefit onto your mental and physical health.
Speaking of benefits, having a balanced diet that consists of organic food has tons of benefits ranging from medical benefits to being eco-friendly products.
Well I have some benefits of organic foods in mind which can be expressed in words before you:-
•So organic food usually remain fresh for a longer period of time as they obviously do not contain any preservatives.
•Organic food Also acts as a boon to the environment resulting from reducing pollution to keeping a check on soil erosion. Also, farming without the use of synthetic pesticides is a good option for the animals and birds living nearby and around the field.
•Keeping in mind that the Animals are raised organically, they are usually not dosed with antibiotics which ultimately helps them keep healthy and provide fresh and better quality dairy products.
•Organic food is also free from GMO which means genetically modified organisms whose DNA has been altered with .
•Also organic foods has less pesticides or chemicals to avoid the decline in the nutrients present
Moving onwards, you may wonder what makes organic food different from the traditional food. Well, Comparative studies of the chemical composition of foods in organic and traditional production systems are valuable and can indicate possible health effects; however, I should brought out the fact that the assumptions about the effects of compounds are often modified making it obvious that even advanced methods, such as systems biology, which analyse hundreds or even thousands of compounds, only show the phytochemistry of the iceberg.
So how are these organic foods made?
So basically, the process of making these organic foods Is called organic farming which basically involves use of manure and avoids chemicals or pesticides. We have witnessed a recent growth in demand of these organic foods as people are becoming more aware about the need to be physically fit and to maintain a healthy diet.
To add on, these organic foods are eco-friendly making it people’s first choice as the essentials of their households. Various standards are also set by the authority monitoring the making and selling of these foods. If the food performs up to the expected standard, it is certified as organically produced foods.
But it is rightly said that every coin has it’s two sides, similarly organic foods have a negative side which reflects in the pricing of these foods.They are more expensive to the traditional foods available in the market making it unavailable to those who cant afford these basic essentials. This gives rise to the food insecurity in the developing nations all around the world. I feel that a change is needed but it needs to come along with the right price because a wrong price would eventually sum up to nothing but a rise in insecurities.
To end with, organic food proves its worth with it’s exceptional qualities and various benefits, but it comes along with a certain price tag which might not fit in everyone’s budget.

Green planet

It is our duty to work towards the well being of our planet earth. Keeping it clean and green is the basic responsibility of the people living on this planet. It looks a long road to achieve a healthy green planet but keeping in mind the rapid decline of forests, steps to be taken on personal level are necessary. For e.g: Each citizen can plant at least one plant which ultimately would result in approx. 7.5 billion plants planted.

Green earth has been a serious issue for all. In present times, many diseases have come up which are result of rise in pollution levels. Having an ec o-friendly life-cycle can help save a lot of lives. Pollution has worst affected the urban areas having a lot of vehicles which ultimately adds to the pollution levels. Now-a-days trees are being cut for various purposes resulting in reduction of co2 in-take. A tree can filter approximately 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to the smoke emitted by a car when it travels 11,000 miles.

So, on every occasion when a tree is cut down, we are destroying one thing that supports human life balance. A recent study has established that, planting trees in one acre will take away about 13 loads of pollutants annually. Simply consider the number of greenhouse emission that may be off from the atmosphere with only one acre of land. A 2,500 sq. feet space of trees can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and unharness atomic number 8 enough from a family of 4 members. Each year, about 540 tons of pollutants stay back in Washington. In Atlanta, temperature has enhanced about 8 degrees because, between the years 1973 and 1999, regarding 350,000 acres are bulldozed. This is often a unadorned example of sick effects of nature obtaining destroyed. Water is additionally as necessary as air, while not water life on this planet is impossible. Inexperienced suggest that of living can improve the standard of water and also save the lakes and streams from the unwanted waste.

Deforestation is the main cause to all the problems revolving global warming, increasing pollution levels, etc.

Planting trees will reduce heat accumulation in that specific location, reduce water runoff and keep you cool at night. A recent study was done by planting trees in parking lots. There is a big difference between shaded areas and sunny areas. The difference is as high as 15 degrees Celsius. If we use trees as a source of temperature reduction, we may prohibit the use of fossil fuels to change the temperature. The ambient temperature can be lowered, thereby reducing the use of air conditioning systems. Even in winter, trees can warm the house with sunlight. Many researchers have proven that green roofs can reduce heat and save energy, giving you an island feel, and the surrounding air becomes cleaner and safer. The green roof significantly reduces the temperature and is very easy to assemble. Just plant some plants on your deck and water them every day. As you can see in agricultural countries, topsoil is very important for all species. But the precious topsoil was consumed by soil erosion. The main reason is deforestation. This can be solved in variety of ways. Like underground. This prevents sediment from entering streams, lakes and roads. It will also reduce landslides, floods and sandstorms, thereby reducing air and water pollution and protecting the most fertile surface. Proper landscaping will reduce the infiltration of nitrate into the soil. Proper tree planting can reduce surface water runoff. This prevents phosphorus and other pollutants from entering waterways and overloading sewage treatment plants. It is best to create a lawn. In the hot summer, it may be 30 degrees colder than asphalt and 14 degrees colder than bare ground. The drinking water of a lawn is six times that of wheat fields and four times that of rice fields. This prevents rainwater loss and groundwater accumulation. When mowing the grass, the homeowner can leave the mowed grass on the lawn, which is the so-called lawn cycle. These herbs decompose very quickly and release valuable plant nutrient minerals into the soil. Herbs that reduce nitrogen requirements by approximately 40%.It can also help homeowners save time in collecting scrapbooks. Modern lawn mowers are very easy to use, making it easier to ride a bicycle on the lawn

Keeping in mind the present state of earth, green living has to be considered to get into the green lifestyle. It’s late but it’s never too late to start adopting new methods which will benefit us and the earth, after-all the will to make a change matters.

World Environment Day

On 5th June, we celebrate the World environment day(WED) which actually shows us the true scenario of how worse the current situation is and the need to take serious actions to improve it.
WED is basically an initiative started by the UNITED NATIONS to celebrate the environment, pressing concerns over the depletion of forests, natural resources and the raising awareness among the people regarding environmental issues. Every year, WED plans a new theme to solve environmental problems, and many multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and governments are involved. The theme for World Environment Day 2021 is Ecosystem restoration. Pakistan will be hosting the World Environment Day this year. The importance of having environment day cannot be expressed in words. In the past years, we have seen a baby whale swallow plastic from the ocean, Australian bush fires resulting in loss of 1 billion animals, and also witnessed the destruction of the world’s largest rainforest as the amazon experienced the deadliest forest fires in it’s history.
This year’s theme is a step to restore the planet by improving the present conditions of the ecosystem around the world.Ecosystems are the reason to life on earth. Recovery does not guarantee the improvement of our ecosystem, but it will be a step in the same direction.Their goal is to slow the destruction of ecosystems around the world. More importantly, the rise In pollution levels and loss of flora and fauna makes it even more important to address this problem.
There are many ways to mark this day and bring people’s attention towards the importance of protecting our ecosystem.
Initially, the UN home page itself shows how one can contribute to the world level in support of the ecosystem eclipse.
Also to show your participation and support on the same, you can share posts on virtual media, social media platforms like Instagram, telegram, Facebook.
And you can tell stories alike using hastag #ForNature. Moreover to get our ecosystem back on track, one can play one’s part by:
•planting trees occasionally near one’s locality.
•Not using plastic bags and also not disposing plastic.
•Dumping waste into the the correct garbage boxes
•Spreading awareness among your friends citing the importance of the concerned problem and the need to take up the initiative of working at ground level.
•Donate to NGO’s for this specific purpose. It can be in any form, be it in monetary terms, by planting trees, educating others, etc.

Environment day is a small yet a powerful initiative containing a strong message for the citizens around the world that “ To live healthy, we need a healthy surrounding”. Given the improper use of natural
resources, It’s important that people understand the repercussions of the mentioned issue and take action right away to minimise the damage being caused.
It is a long road to improving the current natural conditions, but it is rightly said to be “Not too late”.

Gobar Diyas

Making and using diyas from cow dung has been a part of Indian traditions and culture for centuries because of its religious aspect and also other scientific proven benefits.

Now-a-days some people tend to overlook our traditional methods and have been associated with the modern lifestyle, which is harming the environment in one way or the other. This has made us overlook and forget about the traditional diyas(which were made using cow dung), but the essence and properties attached to it comes to limelight.

Gobar diyas are in fact used in many Indian festivals and also for decoration purposes. Also, the daily prayers include the lighting of these Diyas.

These diyas have various names associated to them which goes by: panchagavya,cow dung Diya, ghee diya etc.

It is believed that, these diyas have the ability to remove the bad energy in the environment it is placed in and it brings in good and positive energy making your mood elevate.These Gobar diyas also have many other properties that make it standout. It also helps the environment, by producing copious amounts of ‘Pranvayu’ or oxygen, due to the burning of the mixture of cow dung and ghee.

Even today in some parts of our country these gobar diyas are usually lighted on the religious occasions mainly at homes and temples to worship the deities in the most eco friendly way.These diyas not only uses it’s essence to make the environment clean to breathe but also when burnt and left over, it does not leave any carbon residue behind and decomposes itself into an organic matter making it a perfect manure to grow a plant or use it in agricultural fields.

This diya comes with many benefits, such as:

• Leaves no residue or carbon footprint when burnt completely.

•When completely burnt, these diyas turn into manure for plants.

• Removes bad toxins and bad energy from the environment and brings in positivity.

•Gives employment to rural households.

Given its eco-friendly properties, these diyas made up of cow dung, truly seem to have extraordinary qualities, some of which are inexplicable. Rising pollution levels and carbon footprints pose a threat to the world, Gobar diya may turn out to be a solution to both the problems, giving you a healthy and clean environment with many other benefits as well.

The Urgency of Ecological Consciousness

Eco-friendly replacements for common bathroom products

The twenty-first-century world requires human beings to reconnect and be conscious of nature and its needs. We have to understand that we are not a separate entity outside nature but this cycle of life is an intricate web-connected to anything and everything on the earth. When we are working towards destroying a part of nature, small the smallest harm like throwing plastic on roads to releasing harmful gases from factories, we are essentially escalating the rate of nature’s destruction which is directly congruent to the end of life as we know it.

We, as the current generation, need to be fully equipped to develop a sustainable way of life, which comes from an ecological consciousness. Capitalistic society teaches us to generate wealth by exploiting natural resources and paves the way for communities to think that nature is present to support human life only, however, this thought process needs to be challenged with a new ideal way of living with the consciousness that nature is here not only to serve human life but to co-exist with mankind as one living unit.

Each culture teaches a different kind of environmental consciousness, depending on a multiplicity of factors like geographical location, historical context, philosophy and religion of that particular culture, etc. This diversity in culture is respected globally and each of us views the world through our own cultural and societal lens. We have observed historically that religions and cultures preach living a ‘good life’ and respect the nature around us, with some religions like Hinduism, where nature itself is a god and its components like air, water, tree, and wind being a god or goddess of their own and people used to pray to these gods.

5 elements and 3 Doshas – Santé

The most probable motive of having such gods was to make people understand the importance of nature and the environment, and also putting fear into people’s minds so that they do not misuse these natural resources. Just like these nuances found in multiple cultures and traditions, the modern world also needs a newer concept of ecological consciousness, not based on fear or irrational ideas but scientific awareness and knowledge of the ecological crisis the world is facing right now.

The essence of ecological consciousness is a way of being that respects the natural world’, which is what we have been talking about and taking major steps towards actualizing this goal for a decade now but still have been unsuccessful in doing so. we have reached a conflict with the nature found in our planet such that we are facing a potential hazard in a capitalist and industrial way of living life. we now have to invent a newer way to live a life that is in harmony with the natural environment and does not harm the earth and our quality of life that we live, keeping in mind our future generation which is yet to see the world we leave for them. Our learned lifestyle will be challenged greatly, along with the values that we have learned from the previous generation. This shift that will take place in our existence will challenge the capitalistic way of living but it is the only way to ensure a sustainable way of living.

We have to interconnect with all sects of society and find a solution to living life along with reconnecting with nature which does not harm either of the parties. also, taking into note that this thing is yet to be done and no one knows exactly how it is to be done because it is quite a difficult mission to change a particular way of life that is ingrained in our consciousness, and that is why ecological consciousness has been highlighted so much in our education. This is why learning to live and inventing or discovering newer ways and resources which will not harm nature as well as not change our quality of life is so eminently required.

The Increasing Demand for Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging

We have to practice a certain way of living, keeping in mind our holistic development, and not just running after capital and destroying the quality of life we are going to live in the future because of it. Every individual has a moral obligation to leave a better-equipped life to the future generation and this will only materialize when we endeavour for ecological consciousness in the social order as a whole.